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Throughout my years of being in the real estate industry, I have observed a big mistake that so many buyers continue to make when it comes to purchasing a new construction home. This one mistake can cost them thousands of dollars, builder incentives and a home buying experience that is not ideal or enjoyable.

This HUGE mistake is that buyers don’t hire a licensed  Realtor to represent them. Buyers should have not only an experienced Realtor but one that is an expert in new construction or the new home build process…

Most buyers don’t realize that it costs them absolutely nothing to hire a licensed Realtor to represent them when they go to purchase a new construction home. There are no additional fees added on of any kind.  The builder or seller will always pay any and all commissions to the buyer’s agent, so basically, the buyer gets represented for free, so why wouldn’t someone want to take advantage of that…  Another reason that buyers don’t hire their own Realtor is because the sales team in new construction developments act like they are there for them and will get them the best deal and most incentives.  Yes the sales team in the office are very friendly and knowledgeable about the new construction homes, the different layouts, models, and specific lot locations but the fact of the matter is that the sales team that works for each and every new construction development are looking out for one person and one person only and that is the BUILDER!! Their only interest is getting the builder the most money for new homes sold… They do not represent you, nor do they look out for your best interests in any way shape or form… In fact, you will sign a contract that has a line which states that the sales team represents only the builder in its entirety and in no way represents the BUYER.

So always make sure you hire a Realtor that will be on your side and help you get the best deal and also make the home buying experience as painless and stress-free as possible. The contracts can sometimes be 75+ pages and a experience Realtor that is hired to represent you will be able to explain the contract and go over any and all questions you may have…

Buying a home, especially a new construction home will be the biggest investment you make in your lifetime, so make sure you look out for you and have representation from a Realtor who is on your side!!

When it comes to new construction, I have a specialized designations making me an expert in new construction home sales… Being a Certified New Home Specialist makes it possible for me to be even more valuable to my clients when helping and assisting them in buying a new construction home.

You can call me anytime, and I will be happy to meet you at the sales office at any new construction development or if you happen to walk in to one on a whim, and I’m not there, just make sure when you enter the sales office let them know right out the gate, that you are working with a Realtor and give them my name and business card if you have one:)


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Out of all Central Florida Realtors, I am ranked in the top 5% of production and sales volume. Real Estate is my full-time job and passion, I give my undivided attention and work at my highest possible level for each and every one of my clients.

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I am an expert when it comes to residential marketing, which is what I attribute to my high success rate in getting homes sold for the most money in the least amount of time.


Being a 15 year resident of the Lake County Area, I am experienced and knowledgeable in our local housing market. I provide clients with local insight and unparallel market knowledge in the Lake County Area.

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I am continuously studying and price watching our local market, making sure I am the go-to resource for real estate in the Lake County area.





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